Assignment 1

Mr Tafai's - Sad attempt at the assignment... Can you do better!

Year 9-10 Assignment 1

“Performance Art (Social Networking)”

Outcomes: 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, 5.10

Commencing Date: Week 1 | Term 2

Students have been working on Performance art since the beginning of term. Using the thematic approach of Social Networking students needed to demonstrate the pros and cons how social networking affects us in every area of our lives. This is demonstrated through documentation of film as the medium or a live creative performance documented by the class.

Assignment 1:
Create a group performance work using the thematic approach "Social Networking." Document the piece with photographs or video to be post it on a Facebook page created to spread the comments or the messages then create your own art work concerned with other issues. Consider making it an installation or performance piece.

Students visual art books should contain:

  1. (1-2 pages) Assignment pg/Title pg – This includes the assignment/title: “Assignment 1 - "Social Networking”
  2. An ideas pg – This includes six or more concepts with written notes explaining each idea.
  3. A selections pg – This is where the student shows a process of selections made before the final idea.
  4. Finals pg – This is the end product. It requires an explanation of its meaning.
  5. Take screen captures of your work showing a journey and we will create a Facebook account displaying your end product.

Internal Assessment

  1. To present a sustained and well reasoned point of view is represented which may acknowledge that other points of view are possible. 
  2. To have relevant aspects of content explained and interpreted. 
  3. To have significance of examples are explained and used to support your arguments. 
  4. To present a critical arguments and historical explanations are complex and logical and reveal an extensive understanding of the visual arts.

  • Total 100%