Design Process / Assignment 1

he whole design process  takes a great effort to think outside the box. We will practice the idea of gathering research, evaluating, pulling- apart, processing, redesigning, pulling apart again then producing, evelauting, creating more ideas then finalising ideas to the end product.

Most students don't do this! They have one linear thought in mind then they commit to completing without evaluation, 9 out of 10 students fail to create their best work without processing their design.

The process takes students on a journey that stretches the ideas and imgination...

What are the suggested steps?
Learning the Software Program:
  • Understanding the Corel Draw program. 
  • Learning the tools 
  • Learning to manipulate objects  

The school offers programes that are within their budget Corel Draw 4X, Adobe flash and Adobe CS are ideal programes to have. Knowing the programes allow students to create their artworks of design.

Understanding the Brief and identifying the needs
  • Specifications 
  • Limitations, cost, time/ materials
  • Functions Aesthetics

A brief is a description of a clients needs and wants within their product. A designer will interpret and identify the needs of a client through research and marketing ploys.

Choosing a preferred idea collecting data information
  • Collecting and gathering research
  •  Sifting and Finding inspiration

Through marketing and collecting information about the clients needs allows you to evaluate, process, organsie and then design.

Exploring Ideas 
Showing a selective process of working drawings
Showing a process of collective ideas with annotated notes

But wait! exploring the posibilities, brian storming more ideas, pulling apart designs reorganising and redesigning. Students will learn the ability of not settling for their first idea.

Managing the design project- Students will learn through projects to manage their time and managing materials and cost.
Producing an end product -       meeting the deadline

Evaluating the end product-       Student conclusion and teachers response



Brief 1 “Design a Logo, Business Card,Letterhead and T Shirt.”
Unit 1 - Brief 1 / 1-6 Periods


  1. The student will be able to create a logo using Desktop Publishing software.
  2. The student will be able to use the appropriate fonts and text.
  3. The student will be able to change the design template and colour schemes.


You have finished design school and you are eager to find a job. A Design Company called “Primitive Nature,” (PN), one of the leading design companies in the world liked your work and decided to hire you.

PN has asked you to create a logo for a "Tech Food" company. No it's not about food the company is about "IT people helping those in need." which is their slogan included as part of their logo. The company wanted a specific colour plus a simplictic symbol that suggests "helping people".
- Three colours (Red, Black and Blue)
- Include the slogan "IT people helping those in need."
- Targeted Audience - conservative IT people
- Use only "Times Roman Font" 

At the end of this unit students will write a rationale
about unit 1 - What is a rationale? Basically it is an
evaluation on your thoughts on the given briefs, tasks,
exercises, skills and end products.

Worksheet / Desktop Publishing Software Corel Draw


  1. Student will be able to create a logo using Desktop Publishing software 
  2. Student will be able to use the appropriate fonts and text
  3. Student will be able to change the design template and color schemes
Total Marks 100

So before we create our logos and ideas we need to know the programs that we will be working with.


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