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What to study?

The aim of this examination, whether they have or have not studied particular artists throughout the year, is for students use their critical mind. They will show an ability to formulate their own ideas, finding their own opinions through their interpretive writings. Using artist models studied, materials provided, plates and sources provided.

As I have mentioned in my introduction, the ideas of the individual artist are important because interpretations of an artist's work may be overly critically evaluated by others. We will teach students to evaluate and consider other world views and historical events, sifting through information on the internet and in theoretical art books.

This will allow and encourage students to:
  • write in a concise and a well reasoned way
  • present an informed point of view
  • use plates and other sources and materials to provide the best answers
Section 1

Question 1(a)

Students must demonstrate an understanding of the artmaking practice of the artist by identifying three significant ideas and actions. Students must also make specific reference to the source material to explain these ideas and actions. For example ideas about living in Australia, use of colours, patterns, stylisation, simplification, distortion and imaginative use of space within the artwork, etc. Students must use their powers of observation to explain the adaptation of styles between painting and a shirt design.

Question 1(b)

Students will demonstrate within their writings the understanding of the Conceptual Framework by examining the relationships between the artworks, the world and the artist. Students will articulate their answers making specific reference to the source material. For example, showing an insight of ways an artist reflects their interest through symbolisms in their artworks. Ideas about the world of the contemporary art museum as an art object itself, man becoming machine, the intrusion of high society etc.

Question 1 (c)

Students demonstrates within their writings the understanding of the Postmodern Frame by examining the concepts of appropriation using the source material to back up their observations.

Section 2

Questions 2-10

Students must be aware of the frames to demonstrate their writings showing a coherent, sustained, convincing and well reasoned points of view, using their powers of observation explaining comprehensively in relationship to the question. Students’ using appropriate examples is explained to justify their arguments. Students demonstrating critical arguments and historical explanations to a complex, logical, may be extensive understanding of the visual arts.

Lestelle Tafai,
Mar 28, 2010, 4:11 AM