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What to study?

The aim of the examination, whether they have or have not studied particular artists throughout the year, is to allow students to use their critical mind to formulate their own opinions through their interpretive writings. 

The ideas of the individual artists are important because interpretation of an artwork may be overly critically evaluated by outside opinions. We will teach students to critically evaluate and consider other world views and historical events. And to pull apart sources of information presented in theoretical art books or on the Internet. For example, reading an art critic’s editorial or an art curator’s column.

This will allow and encourage students to:

  • write in a concise and a well reasoned way
  • present an informed point of view
  • use plates and other sources and materials to provide the best answers

Attention Year 9 -10

Download Year 9 -10 2011 Examination.pdf -  What to Study? 

This assessment task will be used to assist in determining student’s ability in the following syllabus outcomes

A Student:

5.1 Applies their understanding of aspects of practice to critical and historical interpretations of art
5.2 Uses their understanding of the function of and relationships between artist-artwork-world audience in critical and historical interpretations of art.
5.3 Demonstrates how the frames provide different interpretations of art.
5.4 Demonstrate how art criticism and art history construct meanings.

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