So what does it all mean?

Students read the following and summarize the following text below:

he world we live in is forever changing. Relationships in general are different. How we meet people is no longer confined to our circle of friends e.g online commuters pooling towards their favourite dating sites. 

Today the number of text messages sent and received everyday exceeds the total population of this planet.

What does this mean?

Students are bullied through text messaging and 93% of America's adult population owns a cell phone and the everyday cell phone has a powerful on board computer that's able to connect to the Internet, which is a lot cheaper. It is a thousand times more powerful and a hundred thousand times smaller than a PC. Will this be an onslaught of students being more mobile, with their independence of misusing their cell phones?

It is predicted to be the primary connection tool to the Internet in 2020.

What does it all mean?

Technology is designed to meet the needs of the human race for the good, created to adapt culturally. Designers create the meaning and purpose of practical use, making it look good and factoring the physical human needs.

Technology is not bad, it is only bad in the hands of those who chose to use it bad. Technology is to enhance human lives not to destroy it.

The aim of this course is to make students aware of their surroundings, with technology enhancing their lives - working with them, not against them. It is important to develop a ground moral approach to the use of technology so that whatever new thing develops, our use of it will be governed by our moral principles. Preparing students for the technological future is dependent on how we co-exist with it. Will technology be a blessing to us or a curse?

Technology is not evil, it’s the person behind the technology...its how they chose to use it and how it integrates into the lives of others.

The design process helps the student to understand the processes of an end product journeying through each stage. A graphic designer is a perfect example of this. They go through the processes that we as a class will be discussing.

  • Learning the Software Program Corel Draw
  • Understanding the Brief and identifying the needs
  • Choosing a preferred idea collecting data information
  • Exploring ideas
  • Managing the design project
  • Producing an end product
  • Evaluating the end product