Visual Design Term 1 Class Activities

Mambo Copy Cats

Project Description

A "Mambo Copy Cats" - Inspired Painting / Poster

Description: What is Mambo art? Complete seperate worksheet and submit for assessment be aware of the main visual themes and messages used by Mambo artist.  As well as style of presentation and use of lettering and colour.

Design Development

Decide on the theme and message for your piece of work. Use thumbnail sketches to plan the layout of your design -both image and lettering. Consider IMPACT through your layout Project Brief ( point of view, size, relationships, simplification of images....) Plan colour. Suggestion: Use and test with Gouache, Inks, Acrylic paints. Then select most suitable for your design.


Enlarge your design to A2 size, being careful not to lose the imapact of your thumbnail sketch. Paint your work according to your colour plan. 
Demonstrate     - skill with paint application
                        - control over colour mixing
                        - appropriate use of colour
                        - appropriate and skillful use of lettering
                        - a professional finish
Create a powerful and successful MAMBO -  STYLE painting/ poster for assessment.