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Class Activity 16/02/2010

All students will follow the instructions under the Corel Tutorial. In this tutorial, you will create a logo for an imaginary coffee shop. This is what the final logo will look like:

A logo is a graphical representation of a company or an individual that can be used on business cards, letterhead, and other promotional materials. Logos often incorporate an element of the company’s name or indicate in some way what the company does. For example, a logo for a coffee shop may include an image of a coffee cup.


What you will learn


  • During this tutorial, you will learn how to
  • draw lines and shapes
  • add color to objects
  • duplicate objects
  • rotate objects
  • mirror objects
  • import images from another file
  • fit text to a path
  • use the Artistic media tool presets
  • use the Bézier tool
  • use the Rectangle tool
  • use the Interactive drop shadow tool
  • use the 3-point curve tool
  • use the Text tool

Creating the background


To start making the logo, you will first create a new blank document. Next, you will create the lines that form the shape of the background by using the Artistic media tool; rotate, mirror, and move the lines into position; and then create the top for the logo.


To create lines for the background

1.    Click File menu } New.

2.    From the Zoom levels list box on the Standard toolbar, choose To width.

3.    In the toolbox, open the Curve flyout

and click the Artistic media tool .

4.    Make sure that the Preset button on the property bar appears pressed.

5.    In the Artistic media tool width box on the property bar, type 3.76mm

6.    From the Preset stroke list list box on the property bar, choose Bulletdoubleout.

7.    Using the Artistic media tool, drag on the drawing page to draw a slightly curved vertical line like the ones below.

8.    Click the Black color swatch on the color palette.

9.    Click Edit menu } Duplicate to create another line.

10.  Click Edit menu } Repeat duplicate to create two additional lines.

 This is what the drawing should look like:

Some tips about Corel Draw:

Students follow the instructions on PDF below.

Lestelle Tafai,
Feb 15, 2010, 12:31 AM