Symrn Gill
Road Kill 1999-2000

It is interesting to see that the objects are made out of discarded rubbish found on the road. Squashed by the very thing that turned it into "Road Kill," was the artist intention to make the viewer respond in a hilarious way finding it silly, sarcastic, ironic and funny?

Rightly so, we don't understand the intentions of why Symrn Gill created this artwork but we can only observe and be fascinated by the installation. They are placed in one direction advancing like a group of ants. The viewer is forced to crouch and view these odd looking shaped objects as if it is suggested to stir some childlike memories.

The discarded objects take on a new meaning "Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure." The only criticism made is where’s the dead animals that we see on the road are they exempted for a particular reason. Or only domesticated objects are only used? Is this a comment on a consumerism the environment or something childlike?

  1. Who is Symrn Gill? (Research on the web) 
  2. What are her beliefs about the artworks she creates?
  3. Explain to a new student in class that has not seen this artwork before the artwork.
  4. Explain the ideas involve in "Road Kill" 1999-2000.
  5. How does this artist model relate to assignment 1 term 1?