Assignment Term 1

Year 9-10 Assignment 1

“My Objects and Things”

Assignment 1: Objects (My Objects and Things)

Outcomes: 5.7, 5.8, 5.9, 5.10

Commencing Date:17/02/10

Due Date: 10/03/10

Assignment 1:

This assignment is looking at digital medium with technical drawing and collages with discarded materials, based on previous classroom activities. Looking at Simryn Gill, Kurt Schwitters and Takashi Murakami’s artistic attributes both practically and critically.

Students will compose overlapping newspaper labels, food stamps, photocopies, receipts and other fragments of paper with worn torn edges, combined with drawings arranged compositionally to comment on “My Objects and Things.”

Takashi Murakami was influenced by manga and anime (Japanese animation characters). Inspired by his love for animation he developed his artwork into a new art culture called “Superflat.” The term is used by Murakami to refer to various flattened forms in Japanese graphic art, animation, pop culture and fine arts. It depicted his feelings towards the "shallow emptiness of Japanese consumer culture."

Kurt Schwitters artwork is based on his feelings about the world around him, feeling displaced in Germany following the World War 1. He used his feelings of displacement to create realistic paintings to abstract collages and assemblages.

Simryn Gill’s artworks relates to feelings of being an outsider and not belonging due to ethnicity. She highlights concerned issues such as cultural identity, immigration and so on… throughout her artworks.

Students visual art books should contain:

  1. (1-2 pages) Assignment pg/Title pg – This includes the assignment/title: “Assignment 1 - My Objects and Things”
  2. An ideas pg – This includes six or more concepts with written notes explaining each idea.
  3. A selections pg – This is where the student shows a process of selections made before the final idea.
  4. Finals pg – This is the end product. It requires an explanation of its meaning.
  5. Take photos of your work showing a journey and create a website displaying your end product.

  • Students must have all five pages completed and presented in their art books.

Assignment 1:
Internal Assessment

  1. To present a sustained and well reasoned point of view is represented which may acknowledge that other points of view are possible.
  2. To have relevant aspects of content explained and interpreted.
  3. To have significance of examples are explained and used to support your arguments.
  4. To present a critical arguments and historical explanations are complex and logical and reveal an extensive understanding of the visual arts.

  • Total 100%
  • Completed Assignments: