Assignment Term 4

Iconography/Byzantine Art period Term 4

Handout: 19/11/09
Outcomes: 5.1 - 5.6
Due Date: 03/12/09


  1. Students will investigate iconography within the Byzantine era and critically evaluate it and asking the question how it relates to us now.
  2. Students will practice the critical response through the means of different art forms.

 Class Activity: Assignment 4

Students will select an artist who they like and create a case study within Power Point or documented video or a traditional 500 word essay.

Use artist models that you have studied in relation to both questions.

Discuss how the Byzantine art period helps us to understand Art as we know it?


Discuss the ideas of iconography how it affects artists now?


Students must provide lead-up work in their Visual Arts Process Diary, along with other lead-up work this includes all lino prints and class activities, other artwork produced and not submitted as an artwork, must be available, to verify and provide further evidence of student’s artmaking. 


Student assessment


·          All class activities completed since beginning of term

·          Originality of work

·          Executions and quality of workmanship

·          Annotations

·          Final product


Assessment criteria 

Raw Mark Total : 100% 

Assignment Weighting: 

Outcomes: 5.1-5.6 

 Completed Assignment

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