The Year 11 Visual Arts course aims to encourage and develop students’ ability to respond to their environment in an independent way. Students are encouraged to make artworks and study artworks in relationship to one another and this should be reflected in their visual diaries.

Learning experiences should encourage students to experiment with the expressive potential of forms and facilitate expertise in written responses to images and objects studied in order to develop their competence and ability to answer Section 1 and Section 2 from the HSC examination paper. 

In the Preliminary Course emphasis is placed on key components and concepts such as: 

  • The content of practice, conceptual framework, frames. 
  • Making artworks in at least two forms. 
  • Use of a process diary
  • Broad investigation of ideas in art criticism and art history. 

Throughout the Preliminary Course, students will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of expressive forms and encouraged to find those in which their particular expertise and interest lies. All students’ investigations, experiments and evaluations will take place in their visual arts process diaries.

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