Year 7 Class Activities Term 2a

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Year 7 students will be introduced to art involving human experience, feelings and thought. Art is something we experience. God is the author of creation. Therefore, understanding creativity originates from a designer. This allows us to understand that we are merely by-products of God’s design and that we use Gods designs to re-design.

By looking at art from the past we can gain knowledge and understanding of society’s beliefs, values attitudes and way of life. Art is a means of communication – a visual language, a system of conveying ideas and emotions which goes beyond the use of words.

Students will use artist models to convey meaning in their artworks. Exploring shading, tone, colour and compositions. Allowing the students to express themselves in various issues that relate to “Objects”.

Unit 2 : “Objects” The Frames

Frameworks: Frames / Conceptual Framework / Practices

Time: 34 Hours / 10-Weeks (approx) 

Outcomes: 4.1- 4.10

Week 1 - 3 | Prep for Exams in Week 6

What to study?

The aim of this examination, whether they have or have not studied particular artists throughout the year, is for students use their critical mind. They will show an ability to formulate their own ideas, finding their own opinions through their interpretive writings.

As I have mentioned in my introduction, the ideas of the individual artist are important because interpretations of an artist's work may be overly critically evaluated by others. We will teach students to evaluate and consider other world views and historical events, sifting through information on the internet and in theoretical art books.

This will allow and encourage students to:

  • write in a concise and a well reasoned way
  • present an informed point of view
  • use plates and other sources and materials to provide the best answers

Week 4 | What is art?


  • What is art? – Complete with worksheet 1
  • There is no one definition of art. Individuals have tried to explain their understanding of art, but different people gain different things from a work of art. Art’s role and the form it may take are constantly changing.
  • Shading and Tone – Complete with worksheet 2
  • Teaching the students light and dark, how it effects an object in different tones of light. Recreating an effect to give the illusion of a 3D object
  • Colour Wheel – Three categories: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary

Complete with worksheet 3 
  • Colour effects a positive and negative response. Students need to understand colour as a tool to affect our mood and reactions. 
  • Students will look at composition overlays combined with colour wheel activities.
  • Students need to understand the arrangement and organization of an art work. 
  • Annotations of collective notes – Students are to use their power of observation to analyse artworks of others and of their own.

What will they learn in Artmaking:

  • reflect on and interpret actions and choices, and document these in their diaries
  • make images and objects (artworks) that approximate an approach to artistic practice
  • make artworks using a range of 2D, including drawing, forms, materials, techniques and various investigations of the world.
  • Using imagination /practicing artist practice 
Critical / Historical 
  • Students will study the artists and artworks of Salvador Dali questions 1 - 3 in Artwise 1. 
  • Students will study the artists and artworks of Renee Magritte questions 1 - 3
What will they learn in Critical:
  • subjective, structural, cultural and postmodern approaches to making artworks

Week 5

Year 7 Class Activities

Students working through installations class activity Peter Callesen "One Piece of Paper." Students looked at a You Tube Video or website <>

Students work with paper influenced by Peter Callen and selected objects that reflect environment issues.

Students create two drawings one in crayon the other in dry pastels but based on the theme ‘environmental issues.”

Final response students will create installations using all the techniques + artist practice and ideas to influence student’s ideas.

Assignment 1 Due 28/05 approx students needed to check date and countdown button on <>

Week 6 | Kathe Kollwitz


Kathe Kollwitz

Text Books Pg 39

Students will investigate the artworks of Kathe Kollwitz ideas and practice. Students will question the issues that inspire the artist to the point of painting artworks that speaks of social injustice.

Students will explore the historical events that created the environment and the ideas of meaningful artworks.

(1867-1945), Woman with her Dead Child (1903) 

It was here that Kollwitz developed her strong social conscious which is so fiercely reflected in her work. Her art features dark, oppressive subject matter depicting the revolts and uprisings of contemporary relevance. Images of death, war and injustice dominate her work.

What will they learn in Artmaking:

Students will draw two drawings that will use the sense of touch and feeling. Using their hands to touch their own face and draw what they feel. Second drawing observe your partners face and draw in detail - Teacher will demonstrate the techniques in how to draw proportional faces.

Create a series of large drawings of yourself or a partner using each of the following techniques:
Using your 'wrong hand' with your eyes closed, using one hand to feel your partner's or your own face. 


Critical / Historical
Students will study the artists and artworks of Kathe Kollwitz textbook
   What will they learn in Critical:
   subjective, structural, cultural and postmodern approaches to making artworks

Week 6  | Exams Year 8 - 11

Week 7

Students continued with updating their Visual Art Process Dairies - documenting Assignment 1

Updates on Student VAPD

Students will be investigating the issues of accuracy, proportionate composition, space, depth, foreground and background.
  • Students will receive half a portrait (photocopied)
  • Students will complete the other half in pencil, charcoal, crayons, pastels etc.


Week 8 - 9

Assignment 1 - Students were followed up

Year 7 Assignment 1

Week 10

Taking Year 7 students to a current Exhibition this year need to work out for next term. Last year students saw LINKED LANDSCAPE by ANNEKE SILVER a great experience but the aim is to visit an exhibition related to our artmaking.