Design Process / Assignment 1a


Students are to revisit and create a graphical logo done previously in year seven. Students are to remember how to use certain aspects of workspace and tools within Corel Draw. Therefore, establishing these skills will help them create certain objects done in Corel Rave animation. Students will use Corel R.A.V.E., a powerful object-based animation program designed for creating animated graphics. The animation projects you create in Corel R.A.V.E. are called movies. In this tutorial, you will create a simple movie, suitable for use as a Web banner. You will draw a planet, and then animate text, so it appears to orbit the planet.

What you will learn

This tutorial introduces you to the workspace of Corel R.A.V.E. As you practice creating a movie, you'll learn how to draw, edit, and animate graphics using the following tools: menu bar, ruler, grid, and guidelines, toolbox, flyouts, Docker windows and palettes, Timeline Docker window/palette, property bar, movie control panel, Help.

(Students revisit some aspects of last years content to remember tools, workspace, properties bar etc. We will work through brief 1/2 If time permits) 

Class Activity: discuss Brief 1 and it’s contents. Students start on Corel Rave using the tutorial. See "Starting Corel R.A.V.E. and opening movies" for information about starting a movie project, either from scratch or by opening a graphic setting movie properties such as stage size, frame rate, and background. 

  • Students work through the Corel rave tutorial. 
  • View concepts and objects created in vectors 
  • Students start to create their own movies exported as gif files
  • Complete these tasks

Example: Bouncing Ball 1

Example: Bouncing Ball 2

Example of: Bouncing Man

Students copy teacher example: Create the movie contents. Use the drawing and effects tools to create and modify lines, shapes, and text, or to import artwork created in other applications. Students use from Corel Draw drawing lines and shapes, shaping and working with objects, filling and coloring objects, adding special effects, and working with bitmaps.

Creating an animated logo


(Students are shown these tutorials and if time permits students will create and complete the class tasks) 
Create Workspace tour — introduces you to the basic tools of Corel R.A.V.E. 2 / Adobe Flash through creating an animated logoAs you can see its not perfect but the outcome is still the same to make sure the tweening between transitions are smooth. 

Creating an animated rollover button

(Optional If time permits) 
Creating an animated rollover button — shows you how to create an animated rollover button in Corel R.A.V.E. 2 
Students start creating their animation from Brief 1 exploring ideas and creating them on Corel Rave using joint programs. 

(Brief 1)  Assignment 1a

You are to design a gif or a Flash movie for a web page of your own choice. This will entail Starting a movie project / Create the movie contents / Animate, preview, and edit the movie contents / Add sound and repetition (optional) / Add interactivity and Exporting the movie.

Internal Assessments:

  • create movie contents 
  • Animate, preview, and edit the movie contents 
  • Add sound and repetition (optional) 
  • Add interactivity and Exporting the movie

Assessment Marks - 100%

Example of Assignment 1a

Year 8 Matt Hopkins | Completing his Movie

  • He has create movie contents 
  • Animate, preview, and edit the movie contents 
  • Has not Add sound and repetition (optional) 
  • Add interactivity and Exporting the movie.