The Years 9-10 course builds on the basic skills and understanding introduced in the Mandatory Course in Years 7 and 8. It develops these skills by exposing students to a wide range of art and critical art activities. Year 9 units are more structured but have room and flexibility to change at any given time more so than in Year 10. 

Year 10 art involves an investigation of three of the subject matter areas in the Visual Arts content with a more student driven approach for the fourth unit. Units will be developed depending on the ability and competence of students.  The aim is to develop their ability to perceive and respond to their environment and to the study of other artists’ work. 

The focus will be on developing written and verbal techniques in art critical and historical practice. Students are required to keep a visual diary to document the process, experimentation and evaluations of their own artworks and the exploration and study of other artists’ work (including critical and historical writing).

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